Motivation, Or Lack Thereof And How To Change it

file2851341301130I’m having a hard time these weeks to keep my focus and my motivation. I always have this in the winter months, but this year it seems to be even worse. I know why, personal issues I’m dealing with, but knowing the reason is not immediately helping me turning the tables. Other things are though, and that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

The first thing is making sure you have some sort of network that will help you stay accountable. I belong to a few skypegroups related to IM business. When I’m having a down moment and I can’t seem to kick myself out of it, I can go there and talk to a few people to “recharge my batteries”. During my worst moments, I can be sure there is always someone to show me light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not saying that you need a big network yourself, even one person can be enough. Make sure that it’s someone who understand this business (for example, my husband wouldn’t work for me since he hardly understands all the things I need to do in this business, but a chat with an online friend who started out around the same time as I did works wonders when I need a new boost).

The second thing is organisation. When my brain is all scrambled with things related and not related to my business, it doesn’t help when my notes and files are all over the place and when my desk looks like a warzone. So, taking the time to clean things if needed can help you find your focus again. Having a to do list, not only with your big steps towards your goal, but also the smaller tasks that those big steps consist of will help you keep your focus.

The third thing that works wonders for me is a list I belong to, called Inspire Me To WORK! It doesn’t cost you anything and you get about two mails a week. One on Monday and one on Friday. They will give you a small task for each day of the week that will help you find inspiration and motivation when needed. When everything else fails, just doing that one job they mail you will help me find back my focus for a few hours.

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  1. One of the best things you can do to boost your motivation is to simple clean and organize your desk. While you are doing this if you come across things that remind you of stuff you have do make sure you put it on a list to be reviewed when you are done cleaning and organizing.
    Remember a big part of how we feel is based on how we choose to feel. So even if you are feeling down in the dumps make sure you put a smile on the outside. A sort of fake till you make it approach. You will find yourself eventually feeling a lot better about your self.
    Ben recently posted…Book Review – Jupiters Travels by Ted SimonMy Profile

    • I agree, Ben. I’ve mentioned it in my post too: organization. Cleaning out my desk and getting a to do list ready is powerful when I can’t find the motivation in myself to do what I need to do.

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