Focus Is Key …

focus is key… And if you don’t have it, you can better stop working and take a day off!

Now, why do I want to talk about that today? Not because I don’t have any focus right now, it’s completely the opposite, I have much more focus this week then I had last month. Last month I couldn’t get myself to focus even 5 minutes to work, and I noticed it in my income. Let’s say that in this first week of January I made half of what I made in the whole month of December. Now, why did that happen? Well, if you can’t get focused enough to work on your site to promote it, add more products to your store or even outsource tasks so you don’t have to do them yourself, you will not make as much money as you would want. You will still make money from things you did before and while I do like that minimum income I have each month without having to do any work, I rather make more then that (and grow that minimum income with increasing the number of products I have).

So, what was my biggest mistake last month while I wasn’t able to focus on working? I kept trying. And because I kept trying and didn’t succeed to get any decent work done, I started to feel like a failure. And let me tell you, that feeling doesn’t help getting your focus back so that means it became worse and worse. I should have taken a day off, or a few days off. It might have helped to clear my mind and get back to work feeling refreshed. I didn’t do it however, even though I knew better. Between Christmas and the New Year, however, I took a few days off. Besides that, I came up with a plan to focus on the three main aspects of my business (the 3 parts I enjoy most) and doing so with only one task a day. I’ve been doing that for the first few days of this year and I’ve already felt a big change in myself. I finish my jobs first thing in the morning and after that I feel so good about myself that I have enough energy to focus on other parts of my business or to do more tasks for one of the three main jobs. Focus is again a big part of my business.

Talking about my 365 Day Challenge, this is what I did yesterday and today:
Blog Business:
Y: finish salescopy for PLR blog
T: send out mail to affiliates and subscribers for PLR blog + transfer 2 unique sites I sold earlier this week

Plugin/Theme Business:
Y: Discussed new features for Content Wizard with my coder
T: Worked on helpdesk site for my plugins

Affiliate Marketing:
Y: Ordered new articles for tropical fish and domain registration site
T: Scheduled articles from yesterday on the sites

About Lady WP

Leslie Bogaerts started working with Wordpress in 2008 when she decided to leave the 9 to 5 grind in order to be a stay at home mom for her two boys. She learned the ropes on her own, mastering the technical ins and outs of Wordpress as well as the nuances of blogging and getting traffic to your blog.

She's successfully setup hundreds of blogs for herself and for her clients over the years. Now she's incorporated her knowledge into a series of Easy Guides so that you won't have to learn everything the hard way like she did.


  1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having a tough time getting focused. I’m also glad you shared that fact because I’m been so unfocused lately with everything that’s going on that I just want to run down the street screaming sometimes.

    It’s frustrating to know what I intend to accomplish, to know what kind of results are possible, and to not have time available to do more than work or sleep.

    Even eating has become a “time waster” in my mind but staying on top of that with my new eating plan is definitely getting results so I have at least one area in my life where I feel some level of control.

    It’s great to see that you also have regained focus. It lets me know that there’s hope of getting mine back as well!!

    Thanks for always sharing with us about both the successes and the slowdowns!
    Debi recently posted…Tiffany Dow – PLRMiniMartMy Profile

    • Hi Debi,

      I’m so glad to hear from you. Yes, running your own business isn’t all that glamoureus as it seems from time to time, you run into downtimes too, just like with other aspects in your life. Why not talk about them, instead of only showing the good stuff and have people think that they have to be successfull and make millions of dollar from the start. I like to keep things real 😉

      Hope to chat with you soon, though, I love talking to you 🙂


  2. I know exactly what you mean Leslie. I’ve started using Google Docs to make mindmaps and my Calendar, which links to the docs of what I need to do each day.

  3. I like how you say that if you don’t have focus you should “stop working and take the day off”. What usually happens to me is that I let myself get distracted by something that I’m not really supposed to be working on and then end up spending a lot of time that which takes away from what I am really supposed to be doing! Probably be more productive for me to watch some TV or go to the mall, then come back refreshed and start working on those things I need to be doing.
    Lee recently posted…Creating An Authority PresenceMy Profile

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