Receive Your Amazon Affiliate Payments Via Payoneer

amazon payoneer

Since I’ve been keeping track of the progress of my Amazon niche site, I’ve had multiple people ask me what the best way is to receive your money if you don’t live in the US. As you might know, there are three ways to receive your money: either receive a gift certificate for Amazon once […]

Content Wizard Is Getting A Redesign And New Features

content wizard

If you have been following me and/or my blog for a while, you would know that I have created a few WordPress plugins. One of them is Content Wizard. It’s actually my very first plugin I ever sold and the idea of the plugin was to make it easier for the user to upload batches […]

From Zero To Hero – Niche Blog Case Study Part 10

casestudy zero to hero

Another month has passed and that means it’s time for an update on the case study. In April I really didn’t do really well, May has been better. You’ll see when we get to the numbers. I had plans on doing some testing on changing the affiliate links and banners, but I haven’t had much time […]

WordPress Security 101 – Keep Your Sites Up To Date

update sites

Starting a site is the easy part, keeping up with it is what makes it hard. And I’m not only talking about making sure you have new content added regularly, but also about the tech side of things. A big part of maintaining your site is making sure that you update the software regularly to […]

Why Plugins Can Be A Danger To Your Blog

danger of wp plugins

One thing we all love about WordPress is the fact that we can easily add new features to our sites without having to know much about programming. Just add a plugin that does what we want and we’re good to go. However, plugins shouldn’t be added without thinking them through. Not all of them will work well with […]